September 25, 2009

Secret Pal Scarf

I finished the scarf for my Secret Pal's birthday. The picture makes it look very teal-ish. It is blue. I am early, and will mail it in time for her birthday!! Finally, I am not late.

September 24, 2009

Secret Pal Gift

I made this tote for my secret pal. I have been late in sending gifts, so this one I just sent is for August! Yikes!
This is strips of batik, sewn in one long strip, folded then sewn around clothesline. Then this strip is zig-zagged to itself around in an oval. At times a little tedious, but not bad. And it looks really nice in person. I did line it, but it is quite crooked. And mine will not be lined!

September 18, 2009

S's scarf

This is the matching scarf for S. It matches her felted tote bag I gave her for her birthday. I finished it on Sunday, and sent it out with the blue alpaca I just finished. Merry Christmas! :)
I tried it on, and it is very scratchy-so it might be a scarf that stays on the outside of the jacket lapels.

3rd package-cotton

I love spinning on my spindles. But the dilemma is what do I do with the wool yarn? I don't wear much wool, and I can only give away so many scarves. I have some bamboo, milk and other fibers I will try spinning. But I love I needed a new type of spindle. And a kit to try different cottons, punis from India, seed cotton, organic sliver, natural green and natural brown.
Wish me luck with the new type of spindle! It is a tahkli, and I hope I can master it. I am contemplating buying a charkha, a wheel for cotton. I can get one for a little over $100. But should I go on a waitlist for a Bosworth? They are more expensive...but I know I love the quality of their drop spindles, and are well worth their price.
Still haven't decided on a regular wheel. I love the drop spindles, so why would I need one? Can I spin cotton on it?

2nd package

This is my new Thuya burl spindle. It is a Bosworth. Can you tell I like these? I am also on a few more of their lists for other specialty woods. The handle of this has the most beautiful feel. I wonder if it is the finish-a type of wax or something-or the wood itself? My other Bosworths have a very light wood that just don't feel as nice. Not bad, but this one is perfect. The picture just does not show how beautiful the Thuya burl is. And of course it spins and spins and spins.

September 17, 2009

Again, 3 packages in one day

Ah, 3 packages in the mail today. I so love getting mail, I just wish they would space themselves out. I am pretty sure I ordered everything not on the same day. The first package is crochet books. And a DVD about needle felting, I hope I will get some inspiration, and finally unpack my new needle felting machine!!