June 30, 2010

My brother Todd

My brother Todd passed away. We found out the beginning of April. This is him and his son Toddi in Budapest, where they lived. I like this picture alot. Todd was 45, and Toddi is 10.
I have some of Todd's t-shirts to make quilts for Toddi, my mom and my dad. These shirts are ones I made, and I hope to use some of the leftover pieces as sashing between the t-shirts.

More and more wheel spinning

From the top left: A two ply, from a batt based on the movie Avatar. Then the batt for the WaterLilies, and the finished yarn.

More wheel spinning

This is a merino, dyed something like `merlot'. The plied yarn isn't quite as light as it looks. I am crocheting a scarf, and it is turning out so nice, pretty and soft.

alpaca cowl

I made that alpaca into a cowl. It sure is warm.

A long time...

Well it has been a long time. What have I been doing?
I got me a spinning wheel and spun me some alpaca.