July 18, 2012

More Birthday Cards

These 2 cuties are for my cutie niece and nephew.
Happy 2nd Birthday :)

July 17, 2012

Birthday Cards

Birthday cards for two friends from my quilt guild. I love these cute little sewing rub-ons!
The Sweet Stitches Rub-Ons are still available for a discounted price-love those sales!
Sweet Stitches

July 11, 2012

Place mats

Finished the place mats yesterday. I thought the mushroom fabric was so cute, I left it whole.
Backs are yellow for V and green for E. 
They are super big, a quarter yard of fabric to start! 
Today-back to painting the bathroom. I think I'll have to try a little plaster in the blank spot. The paint is not filling in too well. And boy is it tiring to paint a ceiling! 
I have a couple of ideas for the wall decor...some hand made....:)

July 6, 2012

Summer! Garden

Summer is finally here! Yea!! 
Day Lily
Pincushion Flower
And of course weeds! I pulled out 1000 yesterday. Today's goal is 2000!!
9:00- 500 small ones so far!
11:30-another 500-big ones this time!
12:00-another 500, just 500 more to go for today!
12:45-woo hoo! 2000 weeds for today! I guess that says a lot about how bad the yard needed weeding!

July 3, 2012

Sugar cookies and a quilt meeting

Yesterday V and I made some sugar cookies!  We got the idea from Julie's blog: cookies. Ours were of the flat variety-but oh so yummy.
My Duvall Quilt Guild has started an extra handwork group to work on Henrietta Whiskers and we met here last night. It is nice to have small group meetings to chat and get to know each other which is harder to do at the main Guild meetings.
The extra benefit of meeting here is I cleaned up quite a bit. That meant painting the bathroom got pushed back to today, but well worth it! Looking ahead to Thursday...craft room! It is a hot mess!

July 1, 2012

This Week-This Week!

Agenda for this week? Lots of ideas, plans, crafts!
Finish up placemats. Super cute fabric from In the Beginning called Better Gnomes and Gardens.
I chose mushrooms for one side. The other side is little sunflowers, either yellow for V or green for E.
Ugh, repaint part of the bathroom! Little fuzzies got stuck to a section of the wall, no idea where they came from. I tried to pick them off, and pulled off a big piece of the new color. That has never happened to me before. I am not sure how I am going to paint it without a thick edge. Sand it down, maybe? Then to start on the ceiling
Block Lotto for July! This one is the Black and White, with Red as it's accent color.
Can I do all this on Monday? I hope so!! Definitely by Tuesday!