June 30, 2012

Just Takes 2-Block 4

I finished the Redwork on Block #4 today. I drew the flower to match the fabric.
Blocks 47- 52 posted July 1st. Not behind at all!! :-)

Mug Rugs-Hostess Gift

My first Mug Rugs! I needed a hostess gift for tonight and didn't have any (good!) ideas. A couple of gals from the friendshipblockswap group had this great idea. I made these up this morning. Super easy, quick and fun! The fabric and coordinating card, envelope and bag are all from Stampin' Up. I love having everything match! Mug Rugs

June 29, 2012

Back to Painting

So the whole room needs a second coat of paint...
I just picked up some slightly blue white for the ceiling. Off I go!!!
4pm: Blue is all done! Ceiling will be next week! Can't leave it the old green!

June 28, 2012

Today is my next week...

I wake up in the morning feeling like....Martha Stewart.
I have all these great ideas, things I want to do, crafts I want to try. Then I think, hmm, next Tuesday would be a good day, or next Friday I should have time to try that. Well what happened to last weeks plans for today? I am putting things off again. So today is my next week.
Today I am painting the bathroom, making a batch of soap and choosing 3 more fabrics for lap quilts!
Can I squeeze in an hour of housecleaning? Pretty ambitious...I better get hopping!!
11 am: ACK I have no paint roller covers! I am doing all the brush work on the edges, but it has taken me 2 hours so far. And I thought I could do the WHOLE room in 3 hours!! Doh!
12ish:Done with the brush work!  Rolling the main walls have to wait for the cover...  Off to make soap.
2:30 3 batches of soap made-just waiting for the last one to trace....it is taking forever!!!
Evening: Got the bathroom painted, but doh! it needs 2 coats, so the whole thing all over tomorrow! Chose 4 fabric combos for lap quilts, and even got in about an hour of cleaning.  Not sure what gave me the second wind this evening, but it may have been the espresso chocolate bar R brought home as my gift :)

June 27, 2012

Block Lotto

One of the yahoo groups I belong to (it is all about swaps!) is holding a Block Lotto.
Each month, you may make up to 4 blocks in a particular pattern and color, then one winner is chosen to receive all the blocks. This is my entry-love the blue fabric!
July 1: Didn't win this month-the block will be mailed off to a new home. 

June 16, 2012

Just Takes 2 update for June

So I have been slowly working on my blocks...Really I have!
 I am doing the redwork on Block 4, just finished Block 7, and I am half done on Block 8.
But the Blocks just posted are 43-46! I do have some catching up!
We'll see how they go this summer, as I generally do hand work while at after school activities.
Less sewing, more outside in the sun (please come out again soon!)