December 4, 2009

My two Bosworth Birds Eye Maple spindles

I received the mini spindle on the left today, to go with my featherweight on the right. I also got a new book, `Respect the Spindle'. Yea for me :)

December 1, 2009

And more makes 50!

row 1: Pat H, Patricia S, Sue B
row 2: Rebecca H
row 3 and 4: Terri P

Still more!

row 1 and 2: Mary Anne R
row 3: Michele K, Pamela A
row 4 and 5: Pamela B


row 1: Debbie M, Denise E, Elise F, Joan S
row 2: Elni L
row 3: Linda L
row 4: Lou D (2), Mary J

Blue and Brown swap!

row 1: Bernadette S., Beth A
row 2: Cecile F
row 3: Cheryl C
row 4: Connie W
row 5: Cynthia B