December 24, 2011

New Years Resolution

I have a cupboard, that used to be just a shelf in a cupboard, full of plastic bags. And they just keep expanding. I now have stashes beneath just about every sink in the house! I can't just throw them out, or even recycle them because I do use them as trash bags. And who wants to throw out all those free bags! Hmm, I guess that means more stuff coming in than trash going out....must be why the house keeps getting fuller and fuller too!
Yes, I have reusable grocery totes, shopping totes, cute bags I have made, cute bags received as gifts, but do I ever remember to bring them?
My huge goal/resolution: 1 bag in, 5 bags out. That should get my bags back down to one small shelf. I can always hope :)

December 21, 2011

Dare I start a new quilt?

So Brenda (Dear Jane) and Gay(Sentimental Stitches) are starting a new mystery quilt.
It is red and white-and I've been wanting to make a red and white quilt for a while. And it has over 2000 pieces! Sounds so intriguing!