December 28, 2010

Christmas Gift

Christmas Tree Potholder
Peppermint Bark Soap

The potholder is from a Carol Doak design-a paper pieced Christmas Tree.
The soap is made with melt and pour soap. It is scented chocolate on the bottom layer, and peppermint for the candy layers.

July 5, 2010

4th of July skirt

4th of July fun! I was cleaning up my craft room- and found the iron-on patch I had bought for V. So I made a last minute skirt with left-over quilt fabric from a table runner I made last week-end. Good thing it is a seasonal skirt, because it got a lot of use, and juice and dirt...

June 30, 2010

My brother Todd

My brother Todd passed away. We found out the beginning of April. This is him and his son Toddi in Budapest, where they lived. I like this picture alot. Todd was 45, and Toddi is 10.
I have some of Todd's t-shirts to make quilts for Toddi, my mom and my dad. These shirts are ones I made, and I hope to use some of the leftover pieces as sashing between the t-shirts.

More and more wheel spinning

From the top left: A two ply, from a batt based on the movie Avatar. Then the batt for the WaterLilies, and the finished yarn.

More wheel spinning

This is a merino, dyed something like `merlot'. The plied yarn isn't quite as light as it looks. I am crocheting a scarf, and it is turning out so nice, pretty and soft.

alpaca cowl

I made that alpaca into a cowl. It sure is warm.

A long time...

Well it has been a long time. What have I been doing?
I got me a spinning wheel and spun me some alpaca.

January 22, 2010

Flax and silk or alpaca silk?

flax, MF next to colored silk and alpaca

flax and mystery fiber :)