December 12, 2012

Ornamental Elegance

This is the ornament on the front of the Stampin' UP Holiday Catalog.
It was so fun to make! As it is my second ornament, I changed a few things.
My rosette is green. I used Lucky Limeade ribbon instead of the Linen loops and I added the Silver Glimmer Paper to give a little pop to the Faceted Button.

November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Card

Here is a nice little card to bring to your Thanksgiving hostess.
I used the Full of Blessings stamp set, stamped with Staz-On and water colored with greens, oranges and reds and applied with Blender Pens.
River Rock card stock and Natural Composition DSP are the background papers.
Ribbon Slide accents a Riding Hood Red ribbon, over Very Vanilla Velvet Ribbon.

October 1, 2012

Fall Flowers

California Poppy


Pumpkin from seeds planted last year!!

Blue Hydrangea. I love the colors it changes to as it ages.

Pink Hydrangea.

We have had a lot of sun and not much rain this September. 
My plants are enjoying the sun.

September 15, 2012

Pretty in Paris!

V and Z looking so cute in their matching Eiffel tower skirts!
Matching Jaguar shoes too!

August 7, 2012

Doll Siggie Quilt Blocks Assembly Line

Doll Siggie blocks on the assembly line. The last 2 colors are being cut, and these 3 will be sewn up soon. 9 sets are sewn and signed!

July 18, 2012

More Birthday Cards

These 2 cuties are for my cutie niece and nephew.
Happy 2nd Birthday :)

July 17, 2012

Birthday Cards

Birthday cards for two friends from my quilt guild. I love these cute little sewing rub-ons!
The Sweet Stitches Rub-Ons are still available for a discounted price-love those sales!
Sweet Stitches

July 11, 2012

Place mats

Finished the place mats yesterday. I thought the mushroom fabric was so cute, I left it whole.
Backs are yellow for V and green for E. 
They are super big, a quarter yard of fabric to start! 
Today-back to painting the bathroom. I think I'll have to try a little plaster in the blank spot. The paint is not filling in too well. And boy is it tiring to paint a ceiling! 
I have a couple of ideas for the wall decor...some hand made....:)

July 6, 2012

Summer! Garden

Summer is finally here! Yea!! 
Day Lily
Pincushion Flower
And of course weeds! I pulled out 1000 yesterday. Today's goal is 2000!!
9:00- 500 small ones so far!
11:30-another 500-big ones this time!
12:00-another 500, just 500 more to go for today!
12:45-woo hoo! 2000 weeds for today! I guess that says a lot about how bad the yard needed weeding!

July 3, 2012

Sugar cookies and a quilt meeting

Yesterday V and I made some sugar cookies!  We got the idea from Julie's blog: cookies. Ours were of the flat variety-but oh so yummy.
My Duvall Quilt Guild has started an extra handwork group to work on Henrietta Whiskers and we met here last night. It is nice to have small group meetings to chat and get to know each other which is harder to do at the main Guild meetings.
The extra benefit of meeting here is I cleaned up quite a bit. That meant painting the bathroom got pushed back to today, but well worth it! Looking ahead to Thursday...craft room! It is a hot mess!

July 1, 2012

This Week-This Week!

Agenda for this week? Lots of ideas, plans, crafts!
Finish up placemats. Super cute fabric from In the Beginning called Better Gnomes and Gardens.
I chose mushrooms for one side. The other side is little sunflowers, either yellow for V or green for E.
Ugh, repaint part of the bathroom! Little fuzzies got stuck to a section of the wall, no idea where they came from. I tried to pick them off, and pulled off a big piece of the new color. That has never happened to me before. I am not sure how I am going to paint it without a thick edge. Sand it down, maybe? Then to start on the ceiling
Block Lotto for July! This one is the Black and White, with Red as it's accent color.
Can I do all this on Monday? I hope so!! Definitely by Tuesday!

June 30, 2012

Just Takes 2-Block 4

I finished the Redwork on Block #4 today. I drew the flower to match the fabric.
Blocks 47- 52 posted July 1st. Not behind at all!! :-)

Mug Rugs-Hostess Gift

My first Mug Rugs! I needed a hostess gift for tonight and didn't have any (good!) ideas. A couple of gals from the friendshipblockswap group had this great idea. I made these up this morning. Super easy, quick and fun! The fabric and coordinating card, envelope and bag are all from Stampin' Up. I love having everything match! Mug Rugs

June 29, 2012

Back to Painting

So the whole room needs a second coat of paint...
I just picked up some slightly blue white for the ceiling. Off I go!!!
4pm: Blue is all done! Ceiling will be next week! Can't leave it the old green!

June 28, 2012

Today is my next week...

I wake up in the morning feeling like....Martha Stewart.
I have all these great ideas, things I want to do, crafts I want to try. Then I think, hmm, next Tuesday would be a good day, or next Friday I should have time to try that. Well what happened to last weeks plans for today? I am putting things off again. So today is my next week.
Today I am painting the bathroom, making a batch of soap and choosing 3 more fabrics for lap quilts!
Can I squeeze in an hour of housecleaning? Pretty ambitious...I better get hopping!!
11 am: ACK I have no paint roller covers! I am doing all the brush work on the edges, but it has taken me 2 hours so far. And I thought I could do the WHOLE room in 3 hours!! Doh!
12ish:Done with the brush work!  Rolling the main walls have to wait for the cover...  Off to make soap.
2:30 3 batches of soap made-just waiting for the last one to is taking forever!!!
Evening: Got the bathroom painted, but doh! it needs 2 coats, so the whole thing all over tomorrow! Chose 4 fabric combos for lap quilts, and even got in about an hour of cleaning.  Not sure what gave me the second wind this evening, but it may have been the espresso chocolate bar R brought home as my gift :)

June 27, 2012

Block Lotto

One of the yahoo groups I belong to (it is all about swaps!) is holding a Block Lotto.
Each month, you may make up to 4 blocks in a particular pattern and color, then one winner is chosen to receive all the blocks. This is my entry-love the blue fabric!
July 1: Didn't win this month-the block will be mailed off to a new home. 

June 16, 2012

Just Takes 2 update for June

So I have been slowly working on my blocks...Really I have!
 I am doing the redwork on Block 4, just finished Block 7, and I am half done on Block 8.
But the Blocks just posted are 43-46! I do have some catching up!
We'll see how they go this summer, as I generally do hand work while at after school activities.
Less sewing, more outside in the sun (please come out again soon!)

April 15, 2012

Just Takes 2, Quilt Show

I am on block number 7 of the Just Takes 2 quilt. I am making it completely by hand, so it should take me a good while to complete :)
Today is the quilt show for one of the guilds I belong to, in Woodinville. It is spring break, so I am usually out of town, but I am home today. I am also volunteering for a few hours :)

January 23, 2012

Plastic Bags!

Ok, never let your husband go to the grocery store! Junk food and MORE plastic bags!!
2-15 Today I went to 3 stores, forgot my reusable bags, so carried everything out with no bags :)
3-15 Ack! This last month has been me totally forgetting my reusable bags! I am getting close to even with bags in and bags out! I better get my act together!

January 20, 2012

Just Takes 2

So I was reading about a woman who finished her Dear Jane after 15 years or so. She did it all by hand, including the binding. I thought I would like to make an all by hand quilt. So the question is, do I keep with my postage stamp quilt that I haven't worked on in about 2 years? Or do I make my Dear Jane all by hand? Or should I do the Just Takes 2? I am not thrilled with the fabric I have so far, so I haven't started it. I don't think I want solid red. I want small print that reads red. I guess I need to go shopping, and look in person! No more internet reds! And still keep the postage stamp to finish someday...

January 1, 2012

Just Takes 2 update

So I have had encouragement to start this Red and White Quilt. :)
A giant encouragement was the sale at Hancock's of Paducah. I got an extra % off, plus free shipping. Soon to be delivered to my door, 13 yards of fabric. Not all Red and White, but mostly.
The first of the patterns were posted today and are very cute, and doable. But doable by the 15th? If I don't add the redwork, I could finish by then....
January 6... ok, too much wasn't red. And some I thought was red was more rust. I think I need to just buy what I can see-then I won't have 5 yards of fabric that I don't want-even for another project!