June 21, 2014

Gift Bag? Gift Box?

So a neighbor is having her annual Summer Solstice Party tonight. I usually bring a bottle of wine, but when I was picking it out I thought I remembered something about a Facebook post and Gin. 
So I hope it was her post, and that she likes Gin. Can't stand the stuff myself. So I have no idea if it is good Gin or bad Gin. 
I hadn't yet made a gift bag so I thought I would give it a try. Is it really a bag with no handles? Is it a lidless box? And while it is a perfect size for Gin, I didn't leave room for little Pumpkin. So little Pumpkin has it's own little box/bag on the front. It is cardstock, but I wasn't sure if it would be sturdy enough for that hefty bottle.  So it is maybe a lidless box/bag that must be supported from the bottom and placed on a table as soon as received. Try marketing that!


Robin said...

Your marketing strategy might need a little work. :P But the bag looks amazing! (And that pumpkin is super cute!)

Cindy said...

Thank you :)