July 6, 2014

Jane Austen BOW 14

Wow, a busy day for me. I pulled out 1000 weeds and mowed the back lawn. Did a couple loads of laundry. Sewed an hour on Stacy's Red, White and Blue quilt. Cleaned my craft room at least an hour. I prepped the next LUS BOW. And I made this block! It is called Home Comfort for Jane's brother George. It turned out the right size, and I am pretty happy with the fabric choices. 
Next up-fried rice with leftover steak.

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Glenda said...

Hi Cindy have just spent the last 30 mins going back through your blog, your blocks are all so lovely for the Austin family!!!! love love the colours and fabric you are using. My DJ has taken a back bench yet again as it is winter down here and I like to curl up under a quilt and quilt it this time of the year rather than make small blocks. I quilt in my lounge chair not at a frame. Cheers Glenda